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45, 60, 90 and 120 miutes lessons plus short and efficient lessons packes


The Vehicle On Road Test will test your skills and knowledge as a safe and competent driver.

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  • Our Mission

    To deliver the highest standard of driving skills, and knowledge in a professional and friendly manner for the purpose of producing safe and responsible drivers on the road.

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  • Our Values

    Provide our customers with unsurpassed customer service and professionalism. Groom our customers to be models of excellence to the public in driving behaviour

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  • Our Commitment

    We provide the highest quality of learner driver training and are committed to giving each student the individual attention they require to successfully equip

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Common faults in VORT test
Here are some common faults that learners make when taking the VORT test”.


Failing to check the centre mirror prior to slowing down or signaling.


Failing to indicate when diverging, turning or lane changing.


Approaching intersections, roundabouts and traffic lights fast, without plan


Driving in wrong part of laned and un-laned roads

Observation faults

Failing to look in both directions when crossing an intersection


Failing to follow the correct sequence according to the government standards

Vehicle Control

Unable to locate, Identify and be able to use all of the controls competently

Safety Margins

When following another vehicle( less than 3 seconds)

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Andry LincolnAmbrose Foster
Andry LincolnEmma Hanlon
Andry LincolnSimz ST
Andry LincolnDaniel Hill
Andry LincolnMichaelson Sarmiento

Would highly recommend! Driving instructor communicated very well with lesson times, I would receive a text message every day before the day of my lesson. Very friendly and extremely informative always has story’s and examples of driving situations. The rode rules and safe driving habits were reinforced throughout every lesson. Was able to pass VORT on my first attempt which was only possible with the lessons I had. Once again highly recommend

Ambrose Foster

This was waste of money twice did test and twice fail my step dad has been driving for the last 50 years omg I don't recommend and fyi no one indicates off a round about not even a police man too anal

Emma Hanlon

I would recommend Matthew to completely novice drivers as he is infinitely patient when explaining road rules and when one is making mistakes. Whenever I did something wrong we would park the car and he would explain it all with drawings. Thank you Matthew!

Simz ST

They did a great job and grew my confidence in driving heaps! Today I finally got my P’s and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Matthew! Thanks you!

Daniel Hill

Instructor didn't show up for a scheduled lesson two weeks in a row. I wasted my time and petrol going to Marion swimming pool waiting for this cocksucker. I am going to file a report against you.

Michaelson Sarmiento

Driving Tips

Marion S.A 5043, Australia


  • 1.How can I pay for my driving lessons?
    You can pay cash on the day or transfer online into school bank account before or after each driving lesson.
  • 2. Can I be in the car while my kids have driving lesson?
    Yes, absolutely although we don't recommend chaperone as beginners gets nervous.
  • 3. I have no driving experience at all, would you still teach me to drive?
    Yes sure, we do have tailored driving lessons for novice drivers too.
  • 4. I have done all my logbook hours with my parents, How do I know I am ready for final test?
    We do pre-VORT test assessment lesson and we give you feedback on your driving including skills, road rules and government standards so you can make a wise decision to do the test or you need more practice.
  • 5. How long final driving test ( VORT) it would take?
    We do have a VORT test package including a 60 or 90 minutes driving lesson so with driving lesson just before test takes two to two and half hours, but test itself takes from 45 minutes to an hour
  • 6. Do we need to come to you or you will come to us?
    Depends on your distance but if you live about 10 kilometres around Marion shopping centre we do have pick up and drop off service.
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